Understandably, capability features are one of the key factors that many automotive shoppers are looking into during the search for a suitable SUV. Excel Ford Lincoln LP is confident that these capability features will make the Ford Edge a viable option for SUV shoppers in Carthage, TX.

Visibility is something you will not have to struggle with if you purchase a Ford Edge. Its Bi-LED lighting will illuminate the road ahead, and its headlamps and fog lamps are top-notch. If you own a compatible smartphone, then the familiar hassle of cords will be a distant memory when charging your device via its wireless charging pad.

If you are worried about wheelslip, then you can trust the available Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD) to prevent this by enhancing both the Ford Edge's traction and its handling. It does so by creating an appropriate torque balance between the front and back tires.

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